24 Hour Virtual Performance Festival

figure in white clothing covered in red flowers

In conjunction with Printmaking Professor Andy Kozlowski’s exhibition, Routine Maintenance at the UNF Gallery of Art, Gallery Director and Instructor Jessica Borusky will host a 24 hour virtual performance festival on September 24th via Zoom.

This virtual performance festival will feature local, regional, national, and international artists whose work ranges from video, sound, performance, poetry, and expanded media. The festival will begin at 12am on September 24th and conclude at 11:59pm, each artist creating virtual content for one hour. Anyone can view these works throughout the day via the Zoom link: https://unf.zoom.us/j/93729535458

The list below contains the schedule and artists’ websites. The schedule listed below is in Eastern Standard Time.

12-1am: Kale Roberts and Coe Lapossey: https://www.kaleroberts.com/; https://www.coelapossy.com/

1-2am: Jose Guadelupe Garza https://sentiwere.org/

2-3am: Paul Waddell https://paulwwaddell.com/

3-4am: B. Ajay Sharma https://2bajaysharma.wordpress.com/

4-5am: Spencer Byrne-Seres https://www.visitorprojects.studio/

5-6am: Dimple B. Shah https://www.dimplebshah.blogspot.com/

6-7am: Jessica Harvey http://www.thejessicaharvey.com/

7-8am: Bug Davidson https://bugdavidson.myportfolio.com/

8-9am: Leafa Olga Wilson https://www.olgahedwig.com/

9-10am: Clark Lunberry http://www.clarklunberry.com/

10-11am: Hoesy Corona https://hoesycorona.com/home.html

11am-12pm: GeeXella https://www.geexellamusic.com/

12-1pm: Austin McCann https://artandarthistory.uic.edu/profile/austin-mccann

1-2pm: Jillian Marie Browning http://www.jillianmariebrowning.com/

2-3pm: Jenny Hager and Lance Vickery: https://havic.org/about/

3-4pm: INTERMISSION (Public Domain Refreshments)

4-5pm: Ching- In Chen https://www.chinginchen.com/

5-6pm: Roz Crews https://rozcrews.info/@rozcrews

6-7pm: Philip Fryer https://philipfryer.com/home.html

7-8pm: Jordyn Bowen and Gabe Melson

8-9pm: Chelsea Coon https://vimeo.com/chelseacoon

9-10pm: GayCay (Edgar Fabian Frias and Thaddeus Pedisich) https://gaycay.bandcamp.com/

10-11pm: Joanna Tam https://www.joannatam.net/

11pm-11:59pm: JB

Image courtesy of Jessica Harvey. Image ID: a sunrise of clouds in pinks and purples with the text “Daybreak” at center of image.

Featured image courtesy of artist B. Ajay Sharma.