Fissure-Mending Socio-Cultural Algorithms

“Building community is to the collective that spiritual practice is to the individual”

User-Makers develop actuation vs. representation through digital platforms and tools to deliver polyvocal +spatial content/community development.

Perpetual Flowering is a multi-disciplinary offering/sanctuary/portal, mixing video art, digital imagery, and interactive elements to create an environment that encourages intimacy, contemplation, and altered states of awareness. It foregrounds the importance of self–care and reflects an intersection of various sectors the artist engages with including art practice, community organizing, therapy, ceremony, healing practices, and spirituality, rooted in the sacred knowledge of their indigenous heritage. Their installation encourages the dissolution of boundaries between these areas, weaving together personal and collective narratives. A descendant of the Wixarika, Frías organizes the installation utilizing colors associated with the sacred directions, and also re-interprets ancient ceremonial songs into contemporary music videos.

She creates the things that would have better sustained her younger self–simulations of a more livable future, and the obstacles that intervene. These look like: fictive text, video games, cosplay, and earnest rites of suburban occult…she hopes you’re doing ok.

“In reflecting on the limited power of digital systems to create intimacy, we consider the gift economy. For us, early file-sharing platforms were a formative experience of seeing a wider world, discovering others who felt and thought like us, and glimpsing a reality beyond false scarcity and toward cooperation. The media we exchanged grew within us in unforeseen ways, and gave us the digital tools to reinscribe ourselves upon our world.”

The Institute for Mediated Intimacy explores intimacy, isolation, and connection through digital roleplay sessions that attempt to bridge the distance between strangers. Audience members engage with each other through remotely controlled human avatars whom they instruct to speak and act on their behalf. As different participants direct the avatars, the performance oscillates between sentimentality, vulnerability, and absurdity.

Collective fissure-mending (emergence) within digio-physical relationships carves new pathways for user-maker self-determination.