MOCA Artist in Residence

Outdoor image of a colorful mural, including text. Green grass is in the foreground.

This year’s UNF scholar selected for MOCA Jacksonville’s Artist in Residence program is Ally Brody. Ally is working on her degree in a concentration in Photography, and a minor in Mass Communications and Art History. She is a photo-based artist who explores social and political topics, such as environmental issues, societal changes and personal accounts. She mixes analog and digital processes into her photography and incorporates collage, layering and various compositions to communicate her ideas.

For her Artist in Residence project, Public Domain, Ally explores street art. She states:

            “Once thought as vandalism, street art has now exploded into its own art form with commissioned work in every major city around the world. Originally, street artists would tag areas to bring attention to their work and to express their creativity. Now, privatized companies and city officials have commissioned pieces by these artists to promote tourism and rebirth within the communities. The term, Public Domain, refers to creative materials being owned by the public instead of by a sole person. This series focuses on how the environment interacts with the street art.

            The series was shot in Northeast-Central Florida, including Jacksonville (and surrounding areas), St. Augustine, Gainesville, Sanford, Orlando, DeLand and Daytona. It captures the diversity of street art unique to each area and shows how the art has aged within the environment. Small details like trash, wires, windows, lights, etc., brings interest to the murals, wheatpastes, or graffiti being photographed.”

Ally’s work will be on view in spring 2021 at MOCA Jacksonville.